Naia = Technology that Makes Businesses Money

Our passion is using our web based software and tailored hardware solutions to decrease costs, improve efficiency, and add to our client's bottom line.

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Naia = Shared Services that Reduce Your Costs

Shared services allow you to reduce the cost of technology by removing the need for dedicated hardware, IT people, and software in favor of a shared environment where you pay according to your usage.

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Naia = Business People in Control

We understand that every business is unique and different so we build our solutions from the ground up to meet the demands of your business' workflow. Instead of adapting to a packaged, one size fits all solution, you can have a solution designed with your needs in mind.

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Naia = Lean

Waste is a problem for all businesses. We can help you reduce waste by using technology and applying Toyota's principles of lean manufacturing, the Theory of Constraints, and ITIL's best practices for IT to streamline your operations.

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Naia = [The Natural Order of Change]

In order to improve you must be willing to adopt changes. We can help you ease into the future by offering you a steady stream of evolving software and IT solutions that can be put into place with little to no disruption.

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Naia = Flexible and Agile

Businesses are organic; they grow and change over time as do their needs. Often times the real needs of a business only appear after a solution is in place. Our software is built with flexibility in mind so that like your business, it can change as well.

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Naia's Promise is Unique in the Industry

We believe that IT should be an asset and not simply a cost of doing business. Naia Corporation was started to provide small and medium sized businesses web based software and tailored IT solutions that decrease operational costs, increase overall efficiency and, most importantly, help add to the company's bottom line.

Our goal is to become familiar with your business and the way it operates so that we can provide a service that fits your precise needs. We break those needs down so that we can deliver regular, iterative solutions that minimize disruption to your business. We will continue rolling out these solutions until we have met your requirements. Our agile development process gives us the flexibility to adjust to unforeseen needs while providing you with a meaningful return on your investment almost immediately.

Accountability, experience and attention to your bottom line make Naia the sensible choice to provide software solutions and comprehensive, smarter, faster, day-to-day IT services. That's why nearly 100 percent of first-time customers return to Naia Corporation to further enhance their ability to compete successfully in today's business climate.

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Traditional IT

Traditional IT infrastructure requires a heavy capital investment in hardware and software that is often never fully utilized. In addition, the expense of ongoing maintenance, software updates, and service/support can make IT cost prohibitive for small and mid-sized businesses. The problem is that IT is becoming increasingly indispensable for businesses of all sizes.

Naia IT

Naia offers your company the ability to move away from dedicated IT to shared services allowing you to reduce hardware costs and only pay for what you use. We know that every business is different so our software is tailored to fit your business' particular needs and, because all of our software is web based, you can access your data from any computer at anytime.

The Shift to Shared Services

Lower Your Costs

Raise Operational Efficiency


  • Dedicated Hardware
  • Dedicated Applications
  • Dedicated Resources

IT Projects are Capital Intensive


  • Shared Hardware
  • Web Services Applications
  • "Farmer's Co-op" Model

No Capital Expenses

Per User Monthly Charge


  • Pay Based On Usage
  • "Electric Company" Model

No Capital Expenses

Monthly Usage Charge